Specialized machinery

With the experience of many years in improving the situation of the wooden floor and using specialized equipment for their care, the company, THE ART OF WOOD, in addition to laying floors, provides lifelong support in the field of deep cleaning of wooden floors.

Through an integrated system of machines and professional products ( of BONA company), we can process your floor removing dirt that in time penetrates into the wood ruts and fully restores the look of your dirty floor.

Regular care and maintenance is necessary to prolong the life and appearance of your hardwood floor. However, even the most strict cleaning programs are not enough to protect your floor from the pressures of everyday life – the floors are exposed to particles and contaminants that can deteriorate the appearance and radiance of a floor every day.

To keep your floor in the best condition, deep cleaning is  the necessary protection. Benefits of deep cleaning The Deep cleaning helps you get rid of dirt and grime that normal cleaning products can not always reach. Dust, dirt and other particles get into all the cracks and seams of your floor.

The deep cleaning of your floor at least once a year, will offer significant advantages: Better protection. Deep cleaning helps to remove nasty pollutants that damage the protective finish on your floor. When finishing finish, your floor will become dull and dirty over the course of time. The maintenance of the finishing of your floor through deep cleaning helps the  protection of  your floor line against  potential damage.

Healthier environment.
Deep cleaning helps remove the allergens and other materials that breathe. Deep cleaning provides a healthier living space, ideal for homes with children and pets. Smart economies. All the benefits of deep cleaning give your wallet a break. Maintaining a clean floor will help you avoid more costly services such as sanding and finishing of your floor in the long run. The combination of routine floor care and deep cleaning will help you have beautiful floors for all your life.

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