Professional interior floors

We install indoor professional basketball floors, including portable flooring. Our services include the installation of sports bars in the basketball court and a selection of surfaces from wood, rubber or vinyl.

Wood & Vinyl Flooring Basketball Handball

We undertake the installation of wooden basketball floor while offering the option of verified sports vinyl investments like Taraflex All basketball and handball floors which are installed by us, are constructed according to strict standards of each federation and the manufacturer’s instructions.

Wooden Dance floor

Our specialized  wooden dance floors use high-quality floors and they are suitable for both high impact activities and for activities with a low impact  which offer perfect cushioning. We at The art of wood manufacture wooden flooring which are designed specifically for studio dance floors. These systems are also used for dance and education activities. The system is solid oak flooring that uses hop systems. These consist of boards and special base systems for leveling uneven substrates.

Sports floors with all internal standards.

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